Mission & Goals

The Wellness Promotion Centre is set up with the mission to enhance the quality of life of Hong Kong people through engaging them in quality wellness programs. The goals of the Centre are:

  1. To provide quality wellness educational programs and activities to diverse populations;
  2. To provide opportunities for students of the Hong Kong Baptist University to develop skills in serving diverse populations;
  3. To provide opportunities for the staff and students to be fully integrated with the community through sharing of resources; and
  4. To contribute towards building a cohesive community that has a strong sense of social responsibility.
  1. 提供優質康體教育課程和活動予社會各階層人士;
  2. 提供學習機會,讓浸大學生懂得如何服務社會各階層人士;
  3. 透資源共用,提供機會讓浸大師生能全程融入社區和;
  4. 我們具有強烈的社會責任感共建和諧共融的社區。