Seven Dimensions

Intellectual Wellness

The ability to make sound decisions and to think critically

Being open to new concepts and ideas and having the curiosity to seek out new experiences

Spiritual Wellness

Seeking Meaning and purpose in human existence

A state of harmony with oneself and others

Can be achieved through beliefs in religion, philosophy, morals, or ethics

Occupational Wellness

Develop a positive attitude about one's occupation

Take part in work which provides personal satisfaction and life enrichment

Enjoy what you do

Physical Wellness

Maintain a healthy body by eating well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, refrain from the use of tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol

Avoid harmful habits and take responsibility of your own health

Emotional Wellness

Able to control one's emotions and express them appropriately

Able to cope with problems in everyday life


Environmental Wellness

Being aware of enviromental Protection issues

Taking measures to protect and conserve the environment

  The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Social Wellness

Perform social roles effectively

Have satisfying and trusting relationships

Interact well with others